Antiquities are the one thing in Legion that is most in charge of such a great amount of agony in the extension 

general. They are illustrative of a large number of the things that are simply amiss with Legion when all is 

said in done. For some, Legion and its ancient rarity framework have sounded the demise toll for alt characters 

or even off-specs. So much vitality must be filled leveling an antique as to be restrictive to some other spec, 

not to mention class. For the individuals who are bandits or abnormal state Mythic+ dungeoneers, taking a 

vacation day from attempting to granulate AP can be reformatory also. 

It appears to be far-fetched, in any case, that we'll ever observe the relic framework leave. Snowstorm has 

said that it is enthused about the level movement that a framework like this speaks to. We might not have relic 

weapons next development, but rather it's feasible we'll see something comparative.					
Dec 01 2017, 08:55

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