Jasmine: <strong><a href="http://www.corsetskirtssets.com">corset skirts sets</a></strong> Get celebs in lingerie, dry humping

BOOTED Celebrity Big Brother star Jasmine <strong><a href="http://www.wholesale-swimwear.com">wholesale swimwear</a></strong> Waltz says if she could set the housemates' next task she would get "everyone in lingerie and dry humping”.

The 31-year-old, <strong><a href="http://www.wholesale-bikinis.com">wholesale bikinis</a></strong> who became the second celeb to be voted off the show last night, didn't hold back during her time in the house - flashing her breasts, pole dancing and writhing on the floor with love interest Lee Ryan.

And speaking today, she said if it was up to her she would make EVERYBODY in there "loosen up” as much as she did.

Asked what task she would get the housemates doing next, she giggled: "I’d somehow make them all loosen up and act crazy.

"I’d probably get all the people in the rated U group to put on some lingerie and get them dry humping each other. Get Liz [Jones] and Linda [Nolan] pole dancing.”

Five3US beauty Jasmine was referring to an earlier mission, which saw the housemates split into two groups for a film certificate task.

Half the stars were asked to behave as if they were in a U-rated flick, while the remaining celebs were told to act as if they were in an R-rated production.

The task saw Lee, Jasmine, Lionel Blair, Sam Faiers and Ollie Locke dressed in PVC, boozing, pole dancing, and pulling raunchy poses.

While Linda, Liz, Jim Davidson, Casey Batchelor and Dappy played children's games, sang songs, and were banned from saying anything naughty.

Five3The behaviour of the celebs in the over-18s room led to dozens of complaints from viewers, who said the show had hit a "new low”.

But sex tape star Jasmine defended her actions today, saying the celebs were just doing what they were told to do.

She declared: "We did exactly what we supposed to do, they said be as outrageous and pretty much as R-rated as physically possible. They were cheering us on and telling us we were doing a great job.”

And she added the things she did in the room weren't "out of the ordinary” for her.

The brunette admitted: "I’ve done things like that in my career where you’re acting, I went to comedy school and we would do things like that all the time, it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary for me.

3"At the end of the day you’re entertaining and you’re being silly, it’s for pure entertainment purposes and it’s fun.”

Jasmine also revealed that she had "no regrets” about her romance with Blue singer Lee, 30, in the house.

She insisted: "I don’t have any regrets… I mean he’s really sweet, he’s a lovely person.

"I had a really good time with him. I just have to wait it out and see what happens in the next couple of weeks.”

Asked how she would feel if Lee now became close to Casey, who he kissed at the start of the series, again, she added: "It would just be a clear indication to me that I need to just walk away from the situation.

"But I think if something like that doesn’t happen, I have to revisit the idea of it [with Lee].”					
May 16 2017, 14:57

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